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The elements in the Brass Pooja Thali is said to represent five cosmic entities - Earth or Prithvi; Holy Water; Fire or Tej; Wind or Vayu; and Ether or Akash. The arrangement of all these elemental components in a Brass Pooja Thali has spiritual significance. Additionally, they also represent a pathway to worship the divine in Hindu Mythology. Better known as a Brass Prayer Plate is a tray or a large container on which pooja items are kept. As an integral part of Hindu religious rituals, brass thali plays an important auspicious role. It comes in varied shapes from oval to rounded, with engravings and other decorative artwork. For centuries, the traditional brass pooja thali with rich reddishgolden glow has been used for all religious occasions including outdoor ceremonies or lighting of Diya’s. When compared to pooja thalis made of stainless steel, silver, and so on, it is much suitable for daily pooja as well as pooja ceremonies and other festive occasions Brass Globe offers the best quality brass pooja thali. Handmade and intricately designed with traditional patterns and embossed, it comes in several amazing designs. From auspicious symbols like Om, Shree, and more, to traditional designs like flowers, leaves, and more. They not only bring a positive vibe to any pooja room but can also function as a vibrant home décor item that will enliven your home’s setting and make it look more pleasant. Additionally, it also makes for a wonderful gift for all auspicious occasions.  Made of 100% pure brass; and carefully crafted by skilled artisans ensuring a beautiful finish with finesse; and without flaws.  Designed to look traditional, and yet at the same time, also look stylish and inspirational with a royal touch.  Individually handcrafted, the brass pooja thali comes with a thali pack comprising of a Diya, Agarbatti Holder, and essential Pujan Samagri.  Can easily hold all kinds of pooja items like Diya, Nariyal, Pooja Flowers, Haldi, Rakhi, Akshata, etc.; in one go.  Can function with flair in multi-purpose roles, with its eye-catching and attractive look and presence. Whether it is in the pooja room or in the temple precincts in your home or office.  Ushers in a meditative and peaceful ambiance to any setting; and keeps the area around pleasant and stimulating.  Suitable for any kind of pooja worship place, as well as festive or other special occasions.  Perfect addition to any kind of home décor. It will add an element of spirituality to any place where it’s placed; while also giving it a peaceful and positive feel.  Functions effectively as an integral part of any evening aarti occasion.  Makes for a perfect gift for all auspicious occasions, thanks to its ability to bring luck and prosperity.  Economical and elegant gift item for all occasions from weddings to housewarming, anniversaries, and even corporate functions.