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BRASS DIYA : Known to generate a spiritual sound that ushers in positive vibes in and around the surroundings’, Brass Diya holds immense significance in Hinduism’s religious rituals. Used since centuries as a decoration as well as a source of light, the DIYA is an oil lamp that burns ghee Indian butter, or vegetable oil. For long the lighting of DIYA held a special significance and continues to do so till date.

For instance,  the Oil in the DIYA components carried a special meaning. It symbolizes the dirt in human minds in the form of hatred, greed, jealousy, etc. 
Cotton in the DIYA symbolizes the ATMA or the self or the soul of a person. When wick burns the oil, the DIYA lights up; and as a result of this, the DIYA’s illumination signifies the need to rid in oneself, greedy and materialistic feelings.

Additionally, the lighting of DIYAS is said to liberate people from all kinds of negativities, and impurities. This will awaken people’s spirits and binds the spirits to the Supreme God. Aside from this, the lighting of DIYA also helps to dispel darkness in people’s lives and invokes God’s blessings for divine wisdom that guides them towards the path of unconditional love.

According to Hindu religious texts, the material of the Diya’s can affect the flow of energies into a home, directly. Hence, it’s recommended to use a Brass Diya as it helps to attract positive, holy, and contended vibes into a home and at the same time, ward off negativities from the home’s inhabitants.

Additionally, brass as a metal is a very good conductor of positive energy. This is why Brass Diya’s have been an integral part of Hinduism’s religious rituals for centuries. The Brass Diya from Brass Globe adds elegance and purity to any home or pooja rituals anywhere. 

Made of 100 percent pure brass, it glows golden in colour.

It is Used for lighting lamps with the help of cotton wicks. On insertion of the cotton wick holder, pour the oil and then light the lamp. Additionally, it is also deep enough to hold the wick properly.

Wonderful handcrafted work of art, it adds an elegant touch to any Pooja Room anywhere. Additionally, it offers ample space to hold the oil and the ‘BATTI’.

It Comes in beautiful traditional design with a unique, contemporary, elegant, and vintage look. Designed to accentuate the beauty and elegance of any setting, it ushers in soothing and pleasant vibes in and around surroundings. Extremely durable and sturdy. With proper cleaning from time to time, will continue to shine and look as new every time. 

It Makes your home setting a lively and vibrant one Suitable for lighting and decoration during festive and religious occasions; and brighten up the space. 

Worthy spiritual gift for any occasion from weddings to birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Give your pooja rituals a real festive feel with the elegant Brass Diya from Brass Globe.