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Brass Globe


About Us

At the helm of BrassGlobe stands Shruti Kothiwal, the visionary Founder and CEO, who defies conventional boundaries. In an industry where women often tread cautiously, she shines as a beacon of inspiration, proving unequivocally that every dream is within reach. Hailing from the heart of the brass city, Moradabad, Shruti recognized an untapped potential and transformed it into a thriving venture with resolute ambition. Her connection to BrassGlobe goes beyond business; it's her cherished creation, a testament to her passion. Looking ahead, Shruti envisions BrassGlobe as a name synonymous with aesthetic brass artifacts. Be it utensils, decor items, or sacred pieces, she aspires to adorn homes across the nation. With a fervent desire to revive traditional handicrafts, BrassGlobe is more than a venture—it's a tribute to heritage. BrassGlobe's foundation lies in fostering wellness in everyday lives, offering an array of distinctive, handcrafted treasures. We embrace the mission of uplifting lives, extending beyond commerce to nurturing a happier, healthier world. Our commitment to accessibility and positive impact is unwavering, as we evolve and inspire change within and beyond our realm. From our inception, we've revolutionized work ethics, shaping an inclusive, sustainable environment. Our ethos resonates in the quality we deliver, the bonds we forge, and the community we cultivate. At Brass Globe, we're not just crafting products; we're crafting a legacy of elegance and responsibility, driving progress beyond our horizons.