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There is a popular saying which tells – ‘Old Is Gold’. This certainly holds true for Bronze Utensils which is making a comeback after being shunted out somewhere in the 20th century. As a golden hard which make bronze a brittle metal, Bronze is highly ductile. Bronze Utensils are considered to be the best in metals. They retain about 97 percent of the nutrient value of the food. It is this aspect that has brought back bronze utensil into the limelight. Many medical researchers and experts have realized this aspect and begun extolling its virtues. Kansa Kansa (bronze) is an alloy of copper which makes up 78 percent along with 22 percent tin. Both when heated together make up to 700 centigrade to form pure bronze. Kansa Kitchenware like Kansa thali, bowls, glass etc, has been an integral part of Indian households for centuries. It is said that in the old days, there was not even a single home across the land that was without Kansa Kitchenware. However, sadly with passage of time down the centuries, Kansa, an ancient metal soon lost its halo and slowly was ejected from most Indian households. Thankfully, medical studies in recent years began highlighting its value and extolling its therapeutic and health properties which they believed helps to cure or heal many diseases. According to Ayurveda, Kansa is said to pacify Vata (which includes dry skin, nervous temperament, and irritability); and Pitta. Additionally, it also helps to reduce obesity; and improve eyesight and skin condition. Benefits of Using Bronze Utensils As per nature’s laws, metals and minerals are vital for the human body. If the body does not get enough of them, it can lead to the onset of diseases. Just like plants depend on these metals and minerals through its absorption from the soil, so should the human bodies require them in sufficient dosage every day, from their daily diet. That is the reason why, doctors advise adequate intake of metals and minerals in the diet every day. Aside from daily food consumption, utensils made from metals like bronze are one of the best sources for intake of metals and minerals; something that our ancestors realized in their time and followed them for years. According to a medical study, over 97 percent of micro-nutrients are reserved in a bronze utensil. They are known to bolster the nervous and immune systems, reduce obesity, improve eyesight, haemoglobin level, and skin condition, and above all, sharpen intellect powers. Importance of Kansa The importance of KANSA is best summed by the fact that it is the healthiest metal to eat from; and cook in. KANSA is considered to be a healthy alternative to plastic which can cause lifethreatening diseases from cancer to hypertension, diabetes, heart stroke, and more. Popular Kansa dinnerware like Kansa thali, Kansa casserole, Kansa spoon and Kansa bowls are said to have been used since the times of the Samhita Kala. An Indian name to bell metal or bronze, KANSA, an alloy of copper is an ultrasuperior and highly malleable metal which when moulded into handcrafted products can acquire varied types of finishes, matt as well as glossy, based on requisite aesthetic needs. Today, Kansa Bartan are again being used in many Indian households for eating food and drinking water as well as for cooking on a daily basis. Benefits of Kansa Utensils Our forefathers of the ancient times had passed on valued knowledge that holds true to this day and tomorrow as well. They taught that eating and drinking from alkalinizing metals like Kansa Vessels will help one to get the benefit of its natural curing properties. According to Ayurveda Prakasha, Kansa dining ware items possess tremendous therapeutic, purifying, and health properties. Ayurveda physicians hence recommend them for holistic healing, and stress relieving. Besides, they believe that they can also destroy microorganisms. The usage of Kansa Utensils results in the following health benefits.  Helps to maintain proper digestive system. Acidic food when cooked in Kansa bartan helps to aid in proper digestion while eating food from Kansa Thali does likewise the same. These are possible due to the fact that Kansa Alloy alkalizes and purifies the food and promotes digestive health.  Helps to sharpen intellect. KANSYAM BUDDHIVARADHAKAM (it means KANSA sharpens our intellect and lauds it for its therapeutic powers), advocates the virtues of pure KANSA; and says using it daily helps to improve immunity, prevent illness, and boost mental health and intelligence.  Eating food made from or drinking water from Kansa Vessels helps to set right the requirement of vital copper trace metals that is critical for the optimal functioning of the thyroid glands.  Prevents water from becoming stale and dull. This will help to prevent waterborne diseases like dysentery, diarrhoea, jaundice, etc.  Helps to stimulate the brain thereby improving its function. Copper present in Kansa possess brain stimulant and anti-convulsive properties.  Helps to ease joint and muscular pains and also reduce the intensity of arthritis. This is due to the copper in Kansa Vessels which possess anti-inflammatory properties.  Helps to restore back skin health and also slow down aging process. This is made possible due to copper, a key component of melanin production, present in a Kansa Vessel.  Helps to reduce inflammation and increase haemoglobin while at the same time, enhancing food absorption and proper digestion.  Assists in cardiovascular health, regulate blood pressure, and cure anaemia.  Helps to improve immunity apart from purifying the food.  Assists in breaking down and eliminating fats, thereby aiding in weight loss.  Promotes holistic healing by improving gut health and immunity along with relieving stress and boosting energy levels. The purifying effect of Kansa is said to be also beneficial for kids, helping in relieving their stress and instilling more confidence in them. Water stored in Kansa bartan for at least 8 hours daily will acquire the ability to positively charge water and aid in balancing all the three dishes present in the body. Similarly, if food is stored in a Kansa Bartan for a while, its properties is said to purify the food and help in curbing acidity. Additionally, Kansa does not react with sour acidic food when compared to copper and brass. This is the reason why Kansa bartan and other Kansa cookware are recommended as the best metal to eat from and cook in. When compared to copper, brass and glass utensils, Kansa bartan, are easy to maintain. Kansa is corrosion-resistant and as such can last longer. However, if they are exposed to moisture and air for long, they will lose their shine and richness. For a healthy lifestyle as well as therapeutic applications, Kansa vessels are best used. Conclusion In ancient times, Kansa metal was called as ‘Lakshmipradham’, which highlights its value as equivalent to Goddess Lakshmi. Kansa Utensils are highly beneficial, a fact that our ancient forefathers realized long back in their time. Its value and significance is being recognized again in its benefits which help to maintain and sustain good health. When buying a bronze plate or bronze utensil, ensure that you are buying truly 100 percent pure bronze products. This will guarantee the best of health and satisfaction in the long run.